A Letter to My Sister: Timing 

“Listen more often to things than to beings.” -Sweet Honey in the Rock

Hey T-Lady,

WordPress notified me the last time I posted a blog was in October. Shame on me; I have had plenty to say. I’m sure all my bleeding journals agree. I was walking the other day and tried to interpret time. How it is measured and is it accurately depicted in said moments? We are all given the same 24-hours, so why do some days ‘fly by’ and others drag along? It is in my walks time manages to stand still in a way I understand and can relate to. I surely appreciate a clock but certain moments, thoughts and actions even defy those. Nevertheless, let me fill you in on things that have filled this six month gap of space. 

1. Dad has been learning and studying how to photograph the stars and moon. He posts them on Facebook under a title, “Learning to photograph the heavens.” His shots are great (but we knew that), and the title always make me think he is photographing upclose bites of what you see. 

2. The other day it took me well over 45 minutes to clean the blender to my standards. I have now dedicated and labeled a toothbrush as its Secondary Blade Cleaner. It is capitalized because there are instructions to the usage of it. Your brothers think I am a gem (not) and I can totally picture you cringing upon me showcasing this to you to as if I discovered gold. Your kids? They’re going to love me too, hehehe. ❤️

3. Speaking of your brothers, they have come to me at random to share stories of coincidences…they then walk away saying that there really aren’t any, it is just ‘divine timing.’ 😊

4. Speaking of timing, your birthday and our writing buddies birthday are one another’s half birthdays! Coincidence? I think not. 

5. I have been studying food theories and must say I LOVE IT!  Absolutely fascinated by it. Totally worth making a spreadsheet/PDF of my findings and incorporating it into the business. There is one called the Ayurveda diet (it’s a lifestyle but there’s a food portion to it as well) that makes me think of you. I feel it would’ve served you well; then again, so would anything that vindaloo falls into alignment with. 😊

6. The word of today is vagary. It means “an odd or eccentric idea or action.” Can people live their lives as vagaries?!? It comforted me. 

7. I cannot WAIT to hang with the girls in California! Beaches, spas, great food, better company. Every experience with them lifts my spirits. I already know my hairstyle and nail polish color. Ha!

8. I made a face mask for the past three nights! 1TBSP honey, 1/2 organic lemon. Put my face over a bowl of hot water to open my pores before placing the mask on. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinsed with warm water to remove the mask, then patted my face down with cold water to close my pores. My skin feels amazing! I did it because I had pimples and even those are silky smooth. Gives an entirely new meaning to when we would say, “Lemme eat your face.” 😂😂😂

9. Some days I am a vegan, other days a full blown carnivore. It is the moments in between I’ve learned not to judge anyone- listen to your body. 

10. My photography has gotten better! I still have zero idea of this photo jargon, but I’m hoping to have nailed it before capturing the Northern Lights!

11. Two words: Dierks Bentley. How I missed this gorgeous specimen I do not know; but you can bet several dollars I’ll know at least one of his songs by my birthday! #GoodGracious #HeIsSoHandsome #IWantedAReasonToHashtagSomethingAndThisIsIT! 

I went for a walk about two Tuesday’s ago. This particular tree had bare branches. On Wednesday, it had two or three white flowers on it. By Thursday, the entire tree had blossomed. The following week, this past Thursday to be exact, it had shed its petals and was GREEN through and through! I caught the news that day and they spoke on how fast plant life was developing in patterns we have decided for nature. I am in no way an expert on plant life nor snub scientific discoveries, but having watched the transformation of the tree everyday from a nature lovers perspective, I feel it was in direct alignment and timing of what it was placed on this earth to do: BLOOM. Only time frame it followed was Mother Nature’s. Imagine that. 

I miss you Butterfly! 

Everything is Everything,

The Smitten Chef. 🌟🌟🌟

***Below are some photos I took during these walks.***
  The bird let me get within a hands reach! So cool.  

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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