Food Funnies

…this photo basically sums up my personality. I would totally be interested in getting married if these were my dinner bouquets. I didn’t have enough foil to wrap the veggies, so this result was a nice spin to it. I have been laughing for the past 30 mins. Bacon wrapped asparagus, topped with huge garlic chunks, a few red onion slices, and fresh portobellos. A bit of water/soy sauce to keep it steaming while in the oven. About 350*F until done. Served with a side of Spicy Aioli Sauce! I DO!

My cousin taught me how to make these last night; not only did she show me, but she told me there can be different variations of them! I look forward to sharing 🙂

May You Rise to the Occasion,

The Smitten Chef 🍴👠


2 thoughts on “Food Funnies

  1. Thank you for sharing this not only yummy but hilarious post. Very well written and displayed! I run a successful picnic planning company in San Jose, CA and we host many bachelorette parties. This a fabulous food idea for the ladies. The delicious bouquets before the flowery ones. Hmmmmm, my wheels are spinning now! Can’t wait to see your upcoming posts. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Well if this isn’t a great message to wake up to! How exciting; please let me know when you try it and what ideas you come up after your wheels stop spinning! 🙂 I support the uniting of food lovers. THANK YOU and enjoy today!

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