Food for Thought

This was my Facebook post a moment ago:

The moment I let go of the notion of trying to please everyone, and wanting to be liked by anyone was the moment I was set free. Free to express. Free to respect without an agenda. Free to decide. Free to make amends. Free to do the right things even when I had a list of wrongs I could beat myself up about. Free to cut people loose and not see it as a loss. Free to become who I was truly called to be. People often scoff at the saying, “Learn to love yourSelf.” I know I have. But I have found the moments I ignored that saying or wished the notion to be a tad bit easier said than done were the days when I was crying on the inside, ashamed to let it out. Be brave. Be bold. Be beautiful. Walk with confidence.

May you muster enough courage to love yourself from the inside out. Peacefully. Consistently…and may you live long enough to see it reflected in the lives of others. Forward is the motion, Expect Miracles along the way.

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For!

The Smitten Chef 😎🍴


Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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