The Smitten Chef’s Salad.

Life is funny. I used to not eat a single vegetable. Now here I am creating salads and naming them. Whodathunk it?

It’s Freewrite Fridays here in my world, so today I choose to speak here as the location. Join me, as we take a journey through what I found to be one of the funnest blogs to date! I got to work on my photography, create sauces and dips (next go round ) and really kind of figure out what people are lookin’ for when they ask me  for a recipe. I feel it will do me good to stay down this path.

We shall start with a salad. My introduction into this culinary world was not pleasant. It was filled with chunks of onions, big old pieces of tomatoes & corn. I was around 3 or 4. “Good heavens, I thought. What do my parents have me eating? I will sit here, and one day I will figure this shit out.” (minus the expletive; but emphasis on it in baby form.)

Boy did I sit.

I am certain I spent roughly 75% of my childhood at the dinner table; 25% alone time. After hours. “Sit there because you’re not wasting it.” Hours.

I was trying to hide food, freeze food, pass out food to my siblings that liked what was on my plate. (Not wasting, I win.) I tried everything. Then one day, caught up in an after dinner food tantrum, I was offered the position to cook. I took it. Made breakfast the next morning. Everyone was happy, food was good & I decided this food/cooking thing wasn’t so bad after all. We will figure this vegetable thing out later still. 🙂

Fast forward to today. Along the way I have not only learned to love vegetables, but I’m the friend who eats beets…and now most people cringe at me. My dream of living a life in a big city in a high rise with lavish wine and cheese parties has turned into a strong desire to have a farm. To grow my own vegetables & go from there. My perception has shifted. Instead of me grunting as a child that my plate was filled with ‘chunks of onions, big old pieces of tomatoes & corn,’ I can now be excited for my farm to produce that exact kind of crop! Not to mention, I have had all of these on a salad, and it is in fact the only way I eat corn. It is because of salads that I have found everything (and vegetables) has its own place in this world.

So Grab a bite of life. Share some. Eat the rest. Cook some more. Repeat…

Work Toward A Life Worth Living,

The Smitten Chef 


SOOOOO Today marks the first day I have ever had some much fun with food cooking AND photography. I usually have fun with one, while working on the other. Today was a great combo! Let me know what you think. The end of blogs with recipes are always the best, because I know I get to eat soon! 🙂  Below are the ingredients to the first salad I ever made and loved.



This is my everyday salad blend. It will be the base of any future salads mentioned, unless noted. (I am very big on preparing your own salad after a point. So I like to have an everyday blend, and have a toppings table for guests.)

Spinach, Sweet Peppers,Red Onions, Broccoli, Cauliflower/Feta Blend, Tomatoes, Fresh Ginger & any other lettuce blend you choose.

Extras: Any toppings you would like on your salad. Mushrooms, chicken, shrimp, corn, different cheeses. DRESSINGS. There’s plenty of possibilities, that’s the beauty of salads.


1. Take all of the everyday salad blend ingredients and place in one large serving bowl or dish.

2. Take all of your desired toppings, and place into individual serving plates.

3. Fix a plate of the everyday salad; add toppings & dressings of choice.

4. Eat. Enjoy. Go back. Try a new kinda salad. 🙂


Spinach, Sweet Peppers,Red Onions, Broccoli, Cauliflower/Feta Blend, Tomatoes, Fresh Ginger & any other lettuce blend.

Step #1: “Everyday Salad Blend” Spinach, Sweet Peppers,Red Onions, Broccoli, Cauliflower/Feta Blend, Tomatoes, Fresh Ginger & any other lettuce blend you choose…


As long as you know that the other side of bacon is strictly for me, we are good.

Step #: Prepare your toppings…from front to back: Sliced Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Bacon Crumbles (mine), Croutons, Shrimp & Chicken Chunks


Step #3: Place Salad in large bowl. Feel free to grab any of the salad toppings!

Step #3: Place Salad in large serving dish. The let guests grab any of the salad toppings!


Step#4: Enjoy what you've created! Nom Nom

Step#4: Enjoy what you’ve created! I got the works happy chef.

…one happy chef.


Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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