Happy 4th of July! (festive popsicle recipe included)

Hi My Fellow Food Lovers!

Happy 4th of July to you and yours! If tracking with me elsewhere, a fond hello and welcome to you too!

This is my actual first attempt at blogging a full recipe with step by step ingredients AND photos; EXCITED! I am in the phase of my career where I am seeing how everything fully unites! Pretty cool. With that said, many a friend of mine has asked me for a recipe, or a health question, or just a food thought. I feel if I address them here, either bi-weekly or monthly, then questions will be answered in one central location… Any other time frame & I would be lying to everyone. So let us start with monthly recipes. Specifically, adult beverages; so that even the unenthusiastic cook finds time to smile. 🙂 I kid.

My goal for all of 4th of July was to remain drama free and to make something red white and blue. Let me know if a step was missed or confusion was bestowed upon you mid trial…I sure hope you try these out!

You’re amongst friends. 🙂

Keep it Funky,

 The Smitten Chef

* Here is my take on the kid friendly version of those old school Bomb Pops we would get from the ice cream man…with adult version ideas in the end. I sent a picture to my niece and she is totally stoked to participate in the kids’ version. She said, ” LOVE IT, would look good at a party!”

I will eat these all so we have a whole new batch to devour. 😉


Kid-Friendly Bomb Pops.

2 cups cranberry juice

2 1/2  cups lemonade (homemade or store bought)

2 cups of blue/ blue raspberry (basically any blue flavored drink you like)

16-24 2 or 3 oz shot plastic cups

cookie pan

popsicle sticks

colorful sprinkles…totally optional, I used for the photography portion.

Serving: 10-12.


***Adult Version Ideas***

– A few of the cups had vodka lemonade in them

– A few of the cups had one of those raspberry flavored beers in place of the cranberry juice.

– One of my friends took some home and said they poured a little bit of vodka in a cup and dipped their popsicle in it for a few seconds then enjoyed. 🙂



1. Line plastic cups upright on baking tin.

2. Fill each cup evenly 1/3 of the way with cranberry juice. Place in freezer until almost frozen; about one hour.

3. Place popsicle sticks in the middle of frozen juice. Don’t worry if they lean to the side a bit, you can adjust during second layer.

4. Pour lemonade over frozen cranberry juice, filling another 1/3 of each cup.. Freeze; roughly 1- 1/2 hours.

5. Add favorite blue flavored drink on top of the frozen lemonade. Freeze until entire pop is frozen. Roughly 1 1/2- 2 hours.

6. After pop is done, push out of container and ENJOY!


I tried to capture as many moments as I could….help me out if you need more visuals please!


In the freezer, becoming awesome.


Adding the sprinkles was a nice touch. Really added color to the photo!


Step #3: enjoy

Step #3: enjoy







Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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