Get Fit Challenge, Day #67: Take A Break!

Good Morning!

In attempts to come to terms with us being in the last 30 days of the challenge, I figured I should branch off into other forms of working out: besides working my fingers and brain out with reading and writing, I went for a walk and exercised my body.

Yes yes yes I have been working out regularly. No no no, I cannot say walking is one of my choice exercises. Although it should be. Every time I come back from a walk I feel refreshed. I’m not sure the science behind it all but I can literally feel the difference in my attitude and circulation after a walk. One would think it would become a part of my routine. Hmmmmm.

Yesterday I had a chance to take a break. I wanted to use the time constructively and write, but since I was going to a park I always leave a little time for a walk. If I don’t do anything but lay in the sun for 30 minutes THEN walk, I am all aboard.

I learned a lot. Watched some ducks. Enjoyed seeing them showcase their water skills and even made a few friends! (Two were sitting a foot away from me!) I had to go from one end of the park to the other to capture some of the most candid shots of my friends… A gentle reminder that the same thing can be said about ones life.

Take A Break,

The Smitten Chef 👌🍴

A few photos of my friiiiends I made today!!




Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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