💜Get Fit Challenge, Day #34: Good Intentions 🌸


For the past couple of days I have made it a point to wake up 15 minutes earlier and clean. I got hip to Pinterest, now trying all these do it yourself projects. Ha! Boy has it paid off.

I have felt so alive! I was excited to even begin the whole project. I felt if I woke up cleaning the areas around me I would be reminded of food from a different angle. It worked. I have to clean all surface areas before cooking anything, even if it looks clean. It’s just what I do. So I took that and placed it in my workspace & bedroom. Mannnnn, what a difference! Just a lighter, fresher feeling from myself and what’s around me. I love it.

What it really reminded me of is my Mother. Mornings are her friends, along with wisdom. As a child she used to tell me everyday that I was smart and beautiful. I noticed she told me in the mornings too. Smart woman. Although her words were great to hear, it was her consistency I was drawn to. She made it a point to give me a kind word, even if it was the only one I heard all day. I wish to bring that type of feeling & nourishment to the ones who read my writings, eat my cuisine & appreciate my food photography.

* I have included the very first picture of food I ever took. Oats! Ironically my Mother’s favorite breakfast foods.*

High in fiber, filling and full of flavor possibilities, oatmeal is a wonderful start to the morning.

Forever Grate(full),

The Smitten Chef


My first food photograph: Rolled Oats!

My first food photograph: Rolled Oats!


Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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