🌸 Get Fit Challenge, Day # 31: Never Give Up! πŸ’

Hey Friends! I should just post every quote I have ever loved on today’s post because that is what gets me through some tough times. Days I want to just throw in the towel and shout, “You know what God? I’m not sure I can do this anymore.” Or maybe I just shout that I won’t. Who knows, each moment is different. I just know those moments hit hard and make me feel like I had no idea what I was doing to begin with.

But I did. The phrase that got me through it all?


It took me a long time to realize that not everyday was going to be picture perfect. As a woman who lives in the land of Happy, certain things click to me on the oddest of ways. I see good in the midst of bad, healing in between pain;but got to the point I I finally learned with each moment comes a different experience. Learn the lesson and get the hell on. Never give up. That’s easy. The only easy thing I like is a flapjacks cook time, sleep, happiness and general joys of being alive; like breathing. Outside of that, if there’s no challenge connected, count me out- if anyone can have it, I’m not sure I want it.

Never Give Up,

The Smitten Chef πŸ’œ


Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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