☀️ Get Fit Challenge, Day #17: Take Your Time ☀️

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?
-John Wooden

This quote shifted my perception and ways of working. I don’t recall when I originally heard it but it wasn’t until 3 years ago I memorized it. Haven’t been the same since. 

It is a gentle reminder to be the best I can be. To not put out an ‘okay’ product/service, but to provide excellence at all times. I know I haven’t written in four days, and I thought I felt terrible about it. I feel so-so; disappointed I missed my daily post declaration, happy I fought my excuses. You see, here’s what happened: I disliked one of my latest posts. I forgot which one on purpose, I just know when I was editing the blog, I felt rushed in this particular one. I remember having ample time that day, however a blocked form of expression. Since I felt writer’s block and had been cutting my midnight deadlines kinda close, I decided to say something ‘real quick’ before I got lost into my day. Awesome that I took control of my original plan, just didn’t truly enjoy the execution. It’s over  now. I just need a good balance.

Don’t get me wrong- I love a good think-on-your-toes exercise. I pride myself on impromptu conversations. What I have learned is the only constant in the food industry is the method in which one works. Hence, my desires for a shot at consistency. Serious consistency I have named it. This is way  bigger than a daily post. I just know this all started with one post & builds upon the other…so be picky about what you publish. I don’t want to fill space with frivolous words because I have a deadline. However, there’s still a deadline so what are you gonna do? It’s an area in my life I have a love/hate relationship with but I am learning to take a step back and assess each moment case by case. I used to think if I changed my habits and aligned myself fully with food that I might become boring. Why? And to whom? My favorite thing about food is the science behind it. I want to know why things work. Figuring this out will take a lifetime of studying and training! No, boring is not what I have become. Uncomfortable is what I currently am, causing me to fight myself at times. Putting silly thoughts in my head like studying & training must be drab. Or less exciting than the cooking & hosting parties. If I take the time to appreciate each section for what it is worth, if I do my very best each time even the worst days will be the best. Just don’t give up.

Happy Trails,

The Smitten Chef 😘


Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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