🍸 Get Fit Challenge, Day #8: Let it Flow πŸ“

Good Evening!

I sit here laughing, in awe of how little things come together to make great big things. Just pay attention and follow suit. I have 14 minutes to complete today’s post before midnight. How Cinderella-E. I kept trying to write, but there’s something new I am making way for to come into my life and I needed a plan. I needed to physically map out what I envisioned or it was going to drive me nuts! So I decided to make me a short to do list. It had to be done before my writings, just had to.

So glad I did because man, this plan gave me a weekly to do list in 7 steps! I’m so happy. So what I thought was a plan for tomorrow, turned into a solid plan for my weekday. One I can decorate and print out in my documents. Yay. How funny to fall into a consistent plan. Tee he. I read a book by John Maxwell the other day and he stated how nothing gets done faster than a goal with a plan and a deadline…not enough time is what I recall. I smirked at the notion that my newfound WAY EASIER PLAN was found in crunch time. And how this post is entered right before midnight! Go and get what’s for you my friends,that’s today’s message- no matter what timeframe. One of my favorite song lyrics says, “It’s never too late for God to rebuild me.” So true; even more encouraging. I hope today served you well, or you gave in and served today well. *Hugs*

So This Is Love🎢🎢 (in my best ballroom dress) 😍

Cinderella Style,

The Smitten Chef πŸŒ‚πŸ’ƒ


Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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