🍷 Get Fit Challenge, Day #3: To Share or Not to Share? πŸ·


Now that we’ve figured out our goals and set up a plan, the moment comes where we can get fully excited. YASSSSS! We have created an idea that we love and it is so picturesque. We can turn our minds off and just dream. I like to call it dreaming while concsious because although I dream freely, I come back and sort the dreams out into whether they can come true or not. I always have to bring myself back down a few notches at times. Hell, my favorite movie to date (and forever) is Cinderella and I played with Barbies. I had to figure out how to handle daydreams real quick without losing my excitement for a dream that really could come true.

For me, this is when things become a bit fragile. I get so excited and see so many things I want to run and tell the entire world! I feel as if the vision should be shared; ESPECIALLY if you are a part of it. I’m just going to go head on Β and tell what I do know: my original thoughts are false.Β How? I’m glad you asked- by trial and error. Lots, and lots of errors.Β 

Tee Hee.

In my most frail dream moments, I have met people who like what you’re saying but don’t ‘get you.’ I have met the ones who ‘wish they could support you but…’ and I have met the ones who ‘know you can do it,’ as they position themselves to break away from you. Then there are the ones who support you SO much they either try to buy you, copy you or become creepy. I’ve seen it all. They all equate to the dictionary term, ‘naysayer’ in some form or fashion; how I enter them into my life equation is by DELETING them. Or by not sharing anything new with them until I’m rock-solid in my endeavors and they can see ‘proof.’ “See it when I believe it,” type people. No worries, just don’t stress yourself out with trying to prove them right. Keep everything rocking along they way you saw your vision. You will learn everything you need along the way. Some people just need to see that you (we) are serious about ourselves. That I’m fine with. It is the ones who try to shit on your dreams because of their unbeliefs only helps to remind me we are all human.

Self-preservation is critical in these moments. The whole point is to be excited about your goal. Not to have dreams shattered. No thanks.

Any way, the point is to CELEBRATE! Get excited about your goals! I mean, what is to be accomplished lies after these 90 days; that is a great focus point. We are here to have some fun along the way. So let’s do it!


The Smitten Chef 🍷



One thought on “🍷 Get Fit Challenge, Day #3: To Share or Not to Share? πŸ·

  1. Whatever vision God gives us, is for us, and us alone. Not everyone can understand ur dream, but God does and at the end oof the day, it’s all that matters πŸ™‚

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