🍷Get Fit Challenge, Day #2: Importance of Planning 😍

Good Morning, Friends!

So let me begin by saying that I love a great plan. It’s taking all of my might to keep this short and sweet because I could go off about all the different types of plans there are…we will keep it life related. General sense.

Here’s the low-down: a plan can be simple or incredibly complex and detailed. One of my fondest memories was discovering that both can be strategic.

There are several types of plans. Some examples include:

  • Business
  • Travel
  • Life
  • Location
  • Financial

We’re sticking to my favorite one: the day-by-day plan: Choose a goal. Make a plan to make it happen. (Day 2) Write it down.

Yes, write it down so that you can always go back and read your original goal. Many things happen between the time of a set goal and the end of it. Not all things will be pretty, needed or worth repeating. When you write down a goal, you can pick it up and remember your reason for starting and make adjustments from there.

If you’re not used to planning or hate to do lists, just make a plan and call it your “declaration.” For example, my friend chose to spend more time with her children during these 90 days. So she picked one day out of the week, and said it’s “kids day.” That’s her plan. Now all she has to do is go forth and hang out each week. Sure, she can choose to become detailed and plan activities for the next few weeks but she does not need to do all of that. I think the hardest part for me (as a to-do list lover) was discovering the notion of having realistic plans. Nothing could get me down like an unfinished to do list. However through all my learnings, I found that it is not the more you do that’ is the amazing feeling from completing a task…it’s completing a meaningful task properly in a realistic timeframe.  That is when things become broken down and turned into business plans, travel plans, family reunion plans, etc. I have plans upon plans upon plans written down. My daily to-do lists went from and average of 32 items to 5 things. It was one of the most freeing days- no more bullshit activities…well, not until my 5 tasks were complete. Okay see there’s an example of my planning excitement tangent. I digress. Ironically, my whole point was to keep your plan simple. If you feel like expounding later, go for it.

That is why I chose consistency. My plan is to make sure I write on here everyday. I will figure out the content later, or maybe I will freestyle. Who knows. Just logging on and typing feels good; all I knew from the beginning of this challenge was that I could realistically write everyday. I’m in the beginning stages of this so I want to take baby steps. I’m incredibly fragile during some of my beginning phases, so I like doing one thing and adding to it at my own pace. I’ve learned that even when you decide to do nothing, it is still a plan. There is a good and bad side to that in my findings.  Plenty of unlearning and learning to do; I need some time to fail forward.  Gracefully at that. 😍

There we have it. Day 2. How ’bout that. I’ve been a tad under the weather, so I have not been going hard on my workout. Trying to be as grateful as possible, because this down time allows me the chance to try new teas and natural remedies. I have been working on a really cool menu though! The idea hit me the day I got sick, actually. I feel it will really improve people’s approach toward that awful thought of “dieting and exercise.” If you’ve got any thoughts about that subject, I’d love to know.

Here is one of my favorite quotes. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one. -Mark Twain

Keep it funky, friends!

The Smitten Chef 😍🍷

🍷 Sums up today 🍷

🍷 Sums up today 🍷

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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