๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ’„ Will Cook For Shoes…with Whipped Cream on Top! (video)๐Ÿ’„ ๐Ÿ‘ 


There is this shoe, there is this shoe, haveย mercy on my sole…there is this shoe.

It all happened February 5, 2014.ย I was online looking at watches when a pop-up ad got me and I was swept away from the original site to this land of shoes. Now, before I begin allow me to state just how much I love shoes. They are my weakness. Well delicious food, a fabulous Merlot or Cognac and intelligent men are high up there, but you get it. While on the initial path to discovering myself, I tended to fast from places, things & sometimes people I loved until I could have them either available to me often, or I until I mastered my desires & learned to appreciate what I could have little by little. I loved shoes so much that I completely gave up purchasing, researching and eventually ignoring my inner voice that said, “You should have every shoe you want. Right now.” The further I got into my passion for cooking, the less I worried about shoes because the only kind I was wearing showcased features such as, “slip-resistant,” “moisture wicking,” & “practical.” ย Totally killed my 5 inch pump vibe.

So the day I got to the website, I took a step back. I allowed myself the opportunity (and time limit) to look at these shoes. Took but two rolls of the mouse to find this shoe that made me stop: “What are those?” “Who made them?” “Where are they?” “Is there a link to their site?” “Can I meet the designer and shake their hand?” “Oh my gosh, look at these shoes I’m having trouble breathing.” Sure did. Proceeded to send the picture to every woman in my phone and then even posted it to my Instagram page. A phrase I often ย hear overused and misunderstood, I found myself blurting out: these shoes give me LIFE.

Life in a sense that this shoe had me go completely out of my comfort zone. I found the designer, subscribed to his website, wrote in my journal, went even harder on my workout to be as fly as possible, looked at as much of his collection as I could (I still forced myself a time limit). Hell, after my findings I researched FASHION. Really, Cic? YOU researched fashion? For anyone who knows me, I do in fact love beautiful things. High quality, well made items. I will take the time to understand what makes them so wonderful, but piecing them together fashionably has never been my forte. Nor will I even stress myself to believe it will ever be. However, I know a fabulous shoe when I see one; and to wear it without regard to the maker would be highly disrespectful.

So here we are today. In 2 weeks, a shoe has shifted my life in ways I only thought food could. Life isn’t about one thing, it’s about the combination of many. ย I can walk up to anyone and speak food, whether I’m learning or showing. But this shoe had me step outside of myself and create a life and picture and gain more respect for a a different type of artist. It infused my soul, it really did. It is my screensaver. I send random texts to my girlfriends titled, “THAT SHOE THOUGH!” We won’t even talk about the fact that it was made in Italy. We just won’t even touch that area today. I even tried to make it work with food, and all I could think about was adding whipped cream and a cherry on top. Since that is silly, I jotted down my excitement. It went like this:

Dear Mr. Tom Ford,

Thank you for following your passions so much that they took me outside of myself and into your world. You did it effortlessly, strategically and remained classy. I found a shoe that from my readings is in your Spring 2014 collection and you have truly set my sole on fire!ย ย You have taught me the meaning of how to skillfully balance and incorporate all of my loves under one roof. Not to mention a huge reminder that you can touch lives of people you may never meet.ย My thoughts and approach to fashion, cooking and life will never be the same again. My lessons usually come from pots, but even those need time to get cleaned.ย The only thing sweeter than a mixture of my favorite ice cream is whipped cream on top…since I cannot add it to the shoe, I will make some with appreciation for you!

Will Cook for Shoes,ย 

The Smitten Chefย ๐Ÿ’„ ๐Ÿ‘ 

There she is...

There she is…

Join me for the YouTube episode below on how to make whipped cream!

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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