💜 ✨ Now That we Found Love What are We Gonna Do? 💜 ✨

“Let not what you cannot do tear from your hands what you can.”

–Ashanti Proverb

Good Morning!

I have a friend who sends me a text every morning that says, “Blessed Sunrise, Sis!” I can’t recall when she first started doing it, but I know that I love it so much I say it on the days we don’t speak. It’s quite simple and true: The sun rose today and i am blessed whether or not I can physically see it. It also reminds me that life is a bunch of little things coming together to make greater things.

Allow me.

I woke up this morning feeling fantastic! The day before I had written a blog in the middle of the night and was hit with the urge to share it on my personal Facebook page. I am so damn happy at how well received it was- so much so, I am certain that’s why my dance moves this morning were extra swift. “Surely you’ve got to do something with this feeling,  Cic.! You fell in love with food on a new level and that is something worth remembering daily…but now what are you gonna DO with it?” How about starting with something I can do.  Each morning I boil a drop of cinnamon and vanilla. The smell takes over the entire house and gives me a sense of peace and renewal. It reminds me that the same place, same time is all well and good, allowing me to focus on what I can do right now to go forward in life.

Oh my gosh… that’s IT!!! If my friends openly listen to me speak on love and food, then hold on, let me gather my notes and spill the beans- I’d be more than happy to. Allow me to tell you about my love for cinnamon then hit you with a few of its uses.

Cinnamon: first of all if heaven had a scent, I’m positive cinnamon is involved. I feel as though gods made it and all of its divinity. Cinnamon has a cousin named cassia, and both are among the oldest known spices. They both come from the bark of small evergreen trees and are peeled from branches and dried in the sun. Cassia bark is dried into woodsy strips, while cinnamon bark is curled into quills or sticks. Cassia origin dates back to Burma, and cinnamon originates from Sri Lanka.  Both spices are quite similar in characteristics, except for cassia is more coarse and has a stronger and less subtle flavor than cinnamon.  However when ground, both are interchangeable in flavor.  The culinary uses range from baked goods, to pickling spices and then onto spicy meals and lamb. If you like cooking with cinnamon (and its family members) then it will like you too. Just be careful and add a little bit at a time- I feel it dominates most dishes the way salt does, so dash by dash, make your meal with pizzazz!

Quick and Easy Cinnamon Uses:

* Toast bread on one side, then butter the uncooked side. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, then toast until golden brown.

* Add cinnamon to bread dough to make savory breads. Serve with pumpkin soup.

* Sprinkle prepared fruits (nectarines, peaches, apples) with a cinnamon flavored sugar and broil until the sugar is golden. I choose ice cream as its company, but even alone is DIVINE! 

Thank you to all of my friends and family who take the time to read my blog! As much as I love sparking up a conversation and meeting new people, it gives me great pleasure being able to speak to the ones I see/reach out to on a regular basis. You have reminded me that even during hard times, I am one of the richest people alive. I want to travel the world and experience the authenticity of said locations’ culture, but I also want to arrive authentically. You have shown me how to go about it, and my only solid form of payment is to write and share it with you!


The Smitten Chef 💜 ✨

💘 Cinnamon is awesome. 💘

💘 Cinnamon is awesome. 💘

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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