In Love with Italy…πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Good Morning!

I was recently challenged to freestyle my writings.

Now if I hadn’t burned my hand this year this wouldn’t seem like such a challenge.

However my hand is twitching at the fact there is not a pen in my hand. I missed writing so much, I randomly wake up and scribble. I journal daily, even if my eyes are closed. I write more letters. It would be great if I actually sent them, but at least they are written! πŸ’₯Β Β I decided that I should write about something to take my mind off the actual challenge itself.Β πŸ’₯


One more time. Say it with me:Β ITALY. ITALY ITALY.

Can you totally see me there!?

I feel such an incredibly strong connection to this beautiful country. Could it be my connection to the boot? The fact that there’s a book on Italy the size of a bathroom window that sits on top of my bookshelf? Perhaps it has to do with food and fashion. All I know what does matter is everyday I wake up with a prayer and joy in my heart that I am one day closer to being there; but today my joy seems so much more real. Different. As if I am leaving tomorrow. What should I pack? How many suitcases will I ship over there for my bring backs? Would it be easier to just peruse the shops upon arrival and then ship boxes back? I think that’s the plan, because after shopping I will be so hungry I will have to stop and eat. Which will lead me to talking to someone about food. Then I will purchase some food or wine and send it as a gift to a friend. So yes, I will bring only one suitcase full of empty bags, and ship the rest. HA!

I need you to know my heart skipped a beat while writing that. It almost jumped out of my chest when typing the word wine. You mean to tell me I get to travel to a place that welcomes family, large dinner parties and endless bottles of wine?!? I am wondering why right now I’m not typing you as I look out at a view of Sicily.

What’s that you say, you want to see some amazing artwork? Dine at a fancy restaurant? Take a wine tour? Run through a field of grass barefoot as the flowers brush by you? Then go buy some fabulous shoes simply because they are fabulous? Or how about after the shoe-palooza we go swimming and write our names in the sand? Did you want to shop at places you heard of but you have to go and SEE IT FOR YOURSELF?!

Wellllll, feel free to join me then because that’s where I will be! In love with Italy until I get there…Then when I arrive, I can just fill you in on why I love it so. It will be through pictures, stories and so many lessons from other people’s pots. Ohhhhhh my GOSH can you imagine all the recipes and spices we could learn about and infuse?!

As I write, the twitching of my hand has stopped. There is an increase in my heartbeat. I understand that freestyle challenge, and I accept: fall in love with your passions and dreams everyday; even when you feel you love it just enough.Β It truly will ignite your soul.

No wonder this lesson came early, I needed this energy.


Floating Toward my Dreams in a Gondola,

The Smitten Chef 🍸🍸🍸🍸





Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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