😊 Day #7: The Next Right Thing πŸ˜Š

I had the pleasure of going on a date with my Mother and instead of our normal flowing conversation, she decided she would just sit and listen to me. Upon finishing, she asked me three questions: is it true, is it kind & will it help? I said no to all of the above so she said, “then speak when it is.”

I then realized I had been worried about the wrong damn thing, and had plenty of other options…let’s do the right thing. πŸ‘ As I proceeded to make a laundry list of “what’s next?,” my mom stops me to read the following excerpt from a favorite author of ours to get me started.

“There is only one action we ever need to take: the next one. Doing the ‘next right thing,’ we are always doing God’s will. Doing God’s will, we always have a prosperous heart.

The ‘next right thing’ is usually something small. It may be finishing the essay-or the paragraph. It may be returning the call. It may be doing the laundry. The next right thingis usually not glamorous –Β in fact, the opposite. The next right thing is usually mundane, andΒ it is always doable. It also always gives us a sense of satisfaction.

How often have we fretted about a relationship for hours, when, in fact, what we needed to do was finish the report we were working on? In avoiding the report, we are creating drama- setting up a situation where we will have to rush to get it done or make an excuse for ourselves tomorrow, triggering feelings of guilt and self-attack. We know when we are not doing the next right thing, because theΒ actualΒ next right thing is bugging us, pestering us, dancing around our consciousness, tapping at our psyche.

Doing the next right thing, especially when that thing is small, takes courage. Doing the next right thing when people around us are dramatic or threatening takes even more courage. When we display humility and take the honest next step for ourselves, we are always rewarded with a sense of true accomplishment. Sometimes, the ‘next right thing’ is as simple as ‘go to sleep.'”

-Julia Cameron,Β The Prosperous Heart

Forgive Yourself & Move Forward,

The Smitten Chef 😘

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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