Day #5: Write Away…! ✔ ✔ ✔

I have this thing.

I’m a perfectionist. Kind of. 😖

A little bit.

I’m a something. That’s how I view it.

I have a vision. 💥

While I truly understand the right time and place will be there for my dream to fully blossom, I sometimes have issues of why things look so out of place. I can see the missing pieces, but trust the links will show up. They will arrive on time and with every bit of purpose and power that they were destined to be. I will love it, it will be great and the people around me will be all-included. The stress, pain confusion and anything I felt was “tough” will only be a memory…and a bit of inspiration to not feel that way for too long or in numerous ways. Not on purpose at least.

That moment of understanding is now.

I always pictured something specific with this blog, and haven’t seen the connections until recently. So I wrote on my journal: You may not need these notes right away, but when you think about them STOP and write away! 

So I will write. Everyday…with the enthusiasm and trust I had from the beginning. Removing all negativity and false thoughts that may stem from battling myself. Here’s to the NOW! 

Working on Meeting Him Halfway,

The Smitten Chef 💥

One thought on “Day #5: Write Away…! ✔ ✔ ✔

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