Day #1: Trust Your Gut πŸ’œ

Glooooooorious day in the neighborhood, friends! Why? Well, my hand works again! It is the very first day I am able to use my right hand since I severely burned it badly this past Mother’s Day. Thirty-eight days of no use of my strong hand, I would find out. I actually felt pity in my soul a few times.Well, today is surely the day to feel nothing but awesomeness! So let’s turn the next thirty-eight days into beautifully inspired and intentionally planned out days. When my hand started working, all I could do was cry and say thank you. Thank you for another chance to get it right. To follow my passions fully and let them lead the way. That, mixed with just a general love and understanding for others will help you go far, trust me on at least that. 🍷

A much as I love cooking, I cannot abandon my love for writing. I am the person who fills up the entire notepad. Hell, give me a chance, I will fill up yours. There’s just a lot of stuff going on in my head, and I really feel like the good (on occasions the bad) parts are worth capturing and evaluating when necessary. I’ve been writing since I can recall; even got a journal and pen as a gift when I was super small, still learning to walk kinda phase. I just view it as a kind gesture that writing always waits on me. So sweet of it to lead me here. Journals, free writes, poetry- I will have every part of it. I like reading because, well the author took the time to write something special to them and share it with others. That’s what writing is about. Keep it to yourself, or share with one person to millions. Just do it with sincerity; you will end up exactly where you need to be, in my perspective. My favorite thing to do is write letters. That way, I can write and draw with absolute confusion and my friends are still excited to get mail! Win win. πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ

After thinking about how fun letters are, I decided it was what I should be doing in the moment. In the most purest of forms: No clock, no phone, no interruption. I picked one friend to write and her letter was 8 or 9 pages! I think I cried that “ugly cry” around page four. πŸ™‚ On the way to writing another friend, my hand started hurting. I figured it was wrap and that was to be considered writing practice. Although I was still a tad bummed I could not write another letter, I felt comforted. I went to grab the envelope for the completed letter and wouldn’t ya know, behind the envelopes were a few unsent letters. One of whichwas the next friend I was planning on writing! Back to being crazy happy again. There it is.

I’m so pleased I took the time and listened to every bit of me. To follow my gut rumbling and sit down and write! Not only did I accomplish goals, but went about it by doing something that brings me such joy. It was quite refreshing. Like when your drink is so perfect, you end it with an, “Ahhhhh.” 🍷

Walk in Love, You’ll Gain Confidence. They Both Scare Fear.

The Smitten Chef πŸ’œ

Found this image online and it is perfect for the day. Thank you.

Found this image online and it is perfect for the day. Thank you.

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