🍷 Your Gifts Will Make a Way; Pay Attention…🍷

‘I am sitting here wanting memories to teach me, to see the beauty of the world through my own eyes.” -Sweet Honey in the Rock

Good morning! It’s super early and I am looking for a beautiful, well stated paragraph. Not that I don’t believe it can happen, but I’m seeing double. I have about 5 or 6 other posts awaiting pictures or “something else,” but who has time to sit and think about those when thinking on your feet is what this life is all about?! Seriously, I am an organized madness bubble of a bit of e’rythang (exactly) and I just don’t feel like it is time to publish certain things. Sam Cooke is playing and after all these years I realize my connection to him is S-O-U-L. Have you ever heard him sing what “Soul” is? One of his greatest hidden tracks! Just in case you’ve never heard it, he hums for about thirty seconds with such grace and knowing that singing is what he SHOULD BE DOING. Nobody could ever take that away from him. That’s when you know what you’ve been given is a gift. When times get hard or things aren’t going your way, you look back and think to yourself, “Well what can I offer, even if I had everything I ever dreamed of?” Your gifts. Your gifts make a way for you, even while you’re sitting still. Even when you think you’ve got it all. If you had it all or gave it your all until emptied, you would be gone away from this world.  It’s as if your gifts walk up to the halfway point of life, and whether you are there or not, they wait on you. They paint you a picture of your capabilities and if you’re looking/listening, they show you how to reach your ultimate destination. It’s up to you to meet them. For some it takes 5 years, 10 years or an entire lifetime to realize where your gifts lie. It is not a criticism. Not from this girl. It is every bit of a celebration when you find your gift no matter your age or place in life! Even if you feel you never find it, trying was better than not. It’s a constant “whoooo hoooo” of why you were born…and what do we do with gifts? We give them to others. Don’t hesitate to share with the world what you’re made of. Do it with so much passion, you sizzle the person next to you. Do it with such integrity, people want to be around even though they swear they don’t like you. Do it with a knowing that each practice of it makes you better- not perfect, but better. Do it with such humility, you understand that this whole thing isn’t about you. For while you are giving all you got, you have to believe you are attracting the people who give you their gifts back with an appreciation that you will take care of theirs while it’s in your hands.

If We All Were Given the Same Attire, How Would YOU wear it?

🍷 The Smitten Chef  🍷


Interest vs. Commitment

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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