Challenges are Easier to Handle When There is Pie πŸ’—

…so I sit. And I think. Trying to come up with beautifully worded sentences and electric ways to express myself. Focused on sentence structure and punctuation a little too early in the game because guess who has writer’s block? This here Chef. I have roughly 5 pages of one-liners or incomplete sentences. Oh, joy.

Yes, Joy. πŸ’—

Lately, my life has allowed (or forced) me the opportunity to take a step back. To look, to touch, to observe…to do less yet more at the same time. Simplifying. It is funny to me that in order to do less, I in fact have to do more. More reminders, more to do lists, more letting people and places go that are not of benefit to me. Nor I to them. πŸ™‹

I logged into my Facebook account and after reading the funny posts and liking every baby picture I could, I smiled. Then I frowned. Not because of what I saw, but because in that moment I realized I have been worried about the wrong things.😢

Worried more about how the setup of things are, rather than the content. Worried about how professional something looks when I have friends who will let me know. (If left up to me, the website and YouTube channel would be as colorful as a rainbow cake!!) Worried about things like, are these blogs too long, too short, interesting enough? I understand a learning curve and that these are legitimate worries, but I seem to have halfway forgotten that I LOVE to cook. I LOVE to write. I LOVE learning and I LOVE connecting with people. Sometimes I am funny, other times not so much. My personal life recipe? Feed off happiness, discard any leftover bullshit. Yes, it is ideal to have people enjoy what I present but at the end of the day if it not my authentic self, I missed the mark. I always told myself I would rather have 2 extremely happy clients than 2,000 people that ate my cuisine or met me and said, “Eh.” Welllll, in order to keep people happy, I must be happy. No such thing as an unhappy chef…not in these parts! A unhappy chef leads to love lost in cooking. There really isn’t anytime for that. πŸ•“

In the grand scheme of things, I love and respect every morsel that goes into the food industry. Starting a business has required a lot from me and has challenged me daily. Sometimes 7-8 times a day. 😳 It is not always fun, and with food there’s so many rules I could scream. Instead I make pies; you can’t scream while eating pie. πŸ˜‹ A friend said it best: I think I need to stop looking for perfect. He is right. I need to be perfectly happy being imperfect. Β πŸ’‹

Everything looks perfect in a picture…but what did it take to capture it? Who was there when you took it? Does the picture you’re presenting reflect you? Or is it strictly for another’s viewing pleasure? Always remember that you can be on the road to success and take the wrong exit. The only way to know is by trying. Experience life through new beginnings or routine events! Sometimes we don’t need a full exit, rather a short stop on the side of the road to assess life’s GPS. That is where I am. Making lots of pies on the way. Feel free to have a slice!! 🍰


I pray you find what brings you joy.

That you may get the chance to love unconditionally.

That you experience passion.

That you dare to dream and follow through.

That you never lose hope.

May Your Dreams Wake You UP,

The Smitten Chef


Today WILL be wonderful!

Today WILL be wonderful!

3 thoughts on “Challenges are Easier to Handle When There is Pie πŸ’—

  1. You are my soul sister. On my bad days you bring such joy and peace to my life through your love, your style, your writing, your food, your you! I feel bad for the rest of the world that only gets to know you through your post. While the post are excellent and true to form when expressing who you are as a person…they speak nothing of the complete awesomeness that is your real life friendship!

    I am blessed!


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