Let it All Marinate

So last night I attended one of the best concerts ever! It was the So So Def Concert and it was in honor of Jermaine Dupri’s 20 years in the production business. The whole concert really showcased his work; there were numerous tidbits of inspiration.


First of all, I saw Usher. I saw Usher. I saw Usher. I recently got hip to attending concerts so it is new to me, all that happens to putting on a show. I don’t really get star struck in the sense that I feel I could never be them/ kiss their feet sorta way; I get star struck that these people are on stage living their dreams. Like, there’s no way around it. This is their dream and they do the best they can in front of their audience. They can’t just run off stage if their eyebrows sweat off or they dance so hard their head is spinning. That’s where practicing and dedication comes into play before the show. That’s cool as ice to me.


I did get struck by Usher though, by his confidence and the fact that he’s one of my favorite artists. I think I actually screamed and jumped up and down and grabbed my cousins hands as if he called me on stage and told me he wanted to dance for me. I have choreographed dances tucked away in my brain because I feel one day he and I will dance together. Call me crazy. I call it a bucket list item. So much that I’m willing to remain star struck and forget all my dance moves and use his. He flew across the stage doing some leg lift to the chest drop it down and pivot about 7 times before I could figure out what was even happening!! That’s how I want my knife cuts to be.


It was also nice to see all of the artists that showed up to support him. There were so many people! I found a way to be emotional during a song I should’ve been throwing bows to, because beforehand the people would tell their stories of how Jermaine Dupri either helped or inspired or invested in their careers- placing most of the people on the map. That’s a crazy vision to have come to life, especially seeing a lifestyle I don’t live. Makes me look at their ways of achieving goals or receiving their success in a different way. It was a different spice in my life. I liked it.


Ahhh but of course, the best moment is when the love is felt. There were so many man hugs, so many jokes cracked on stage, so many artists off in their own two stepping world with the next celebrity taking pictures of and with one another. So many SMILES! It was obvious they were having a great time. You could feel the music industry being respected in that building, the love everyone had for music and specifically the music brought to you by Jermaine Dupri. The crowd was live and they performed some of my favorite songs ever in life. Whether they make me laugh, cry or just want to snap my fingers and rock with it, they play an important role in my life and have been such a distinct flavor in my growing up. It’s sweet and satisfying to know that I can find a whole new recipe to life, by experiencing life.

Step Two is Putting the Food to the Flame,

πŸ”₯πŸ’–The Smitten Chef πŸ’–πŸ”₯

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