When God Speaks, Listen!

Good Morning! The title is just how it sounds and I am so happy beside myself that I may write EXACTLY how I feel; no proof reading or spell check. Ha!

I just finished cleaning my room. Hanging up my clothes to be specific. If I could pass the task on to someone who will happily hang my clothes for me, I would. Even music sometimes doesn’t help me jump on the enthusiastic train. But it did today. I said, “If I can workout, I can surely hang up my clothes cheerfully.”

I did. I hung my clothes while listening to some tunes. I allotted myself one hour to get as much done as I could. I picked up the pace. I danced. Sung at the top of my lungs and danced again. When I finished, it was 15 minutes shy of an hour and I looked around and noticed my whole room was clean! Thank You!

I am so grateful that I listened to God when He told me to stick through it. To hang up my clothes. To dance, to sing and be merry. Not only did my spirits become lifted but after I was finished, I could cross off four things on my to do list: hanging up my clothes, cardio workout, cleaning my room AND a single sized portion challenge I gave myself a week ago! (The challenge was to make a side with one main ingredient and up to 3 spices.) I didn’t even know all of this was going to happen. I just bought 1, got 3 free! All because I listened. He helped me to have fun too!

While I was in my room, I came across a beautiful outfit. It reminded me of an apple. “Ohhh yes, there’s apples!” So I rushed downstairs to prepare my favorite: fried apples… There was only one apple left! No problem, we will make it work. A single sized serving challenge, coming right up!


1  Apple, washed and dried off. (The one featured is a Gala Apple)

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

3/4 Tbsp Sugar


1. Take one clean apple.
2. Cut into slices.
3. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
4. Turn stove on medium-high adding a small amount of butter into medium sized frying pan.
5. Spread the apples evenly in the pan; fry one side for 3 minutes. Flip apples over and cook until desired crispness, about another 3 minutes.
6. Serve warm and enjoy! Eat it by itself or with ice cream or your favorite apple dip! I used Plain Greek Yogurt & drizzled a little bit of honey and cinnamon on top.

There we have it; an example that it pays to listen. Even to things we originally didn’t want to hear. I like Your sense of humor God!

Learning to Quiet Myself to Hear Your Whispers,

The Smitten Chef

Fried Apples

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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