Drop and Give You 20 or Smile and Stir Up a Smoothie: The Ultimate Compromise.

…as I sit here waiting for these potatoes and eggs to boil, I would like to admit something:

I have been working out. Yes, if you’re friends with me I could feel your gasps! I, the woman who swore up and down she hated working out and would not do it. The woman who will high five the hell outta someone else for working out. The woman who will listen and see fabulous results in people…but won’t pick up a membership anywhere. The woman who will plan a lean mean fighting menu for a client; and will even cook it for you!

Should I add an exclamation point or a regular period at the end of the previous sentence? Uh oh, some days it’s one or the other. I had to stop for a second questioning what the next level of my career is. At first I was thinking in terms of business strategies and newfound areas of life I concluded I purposely signed up for. So do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and bring yourself to the next level: match the clients you believe in. Match the food you support. Be a walking example of how you stand behind the importance of health and fitness combined.

Sounds wonderful right? Oh my gosh, I read those lines so many times. Tried to erase them because I thought I had to run to the gym and be around everyone who already knows how to use the machine. Excuse me, what the hell is this machine? Did you know there’s such a thing as a kettle bell? Or that there’s an exercise called pistol squats? I Googled it; and I refuse to do it. Ha ha. I’m afraid of the gym. Super scared. There’s far too many people there and I’m even further confused because to stand idly at the gym means to drift off into la-la land in adoration of the people who make this trip successful!! By the time I realize I’m staring, I have awkwardly locked eyes with someone and have no choice but to run away or get cussed out. I will help everyone out: I am going home. πŸ™‚

I picked up a book on leadership by John C. Maxwell early and he said: everyone influences someone. Even in the most introverted persons life, they will have influenced 10,000 people!!! That is a lot of people. Here’s a reality check: I talk to a lot of people. It is time to face this fear. I’m not sure my goal is to necessarily make it to the gym, so I set it for working out. Then I got to thinking about the people who have influenced me in the areas of fitness and exercise, balanced diets and the people who help me call it something other than a diet. Without thinking, I picked up my jump rope. I started jumping. Now, there was once a point where I did a workout routine: squats, crunches, leg lifts and for dessert, jumping rope to 1,000. I absolutely LOVE to jump rope. It’s one f the things that bring me joy.

BINGO. So jump in the name of joy. If you don’t do another exercise, jump in the name of joy. Jump in the name of the people who have inspired you to to even get this far!!! Jump Jump Jump Jump! I’ve been jumping since December 19, 2012! I’ve still got many people to thank.

Thank you to my Mother who wakes up excited to walk. πŸ’š
Thank you to my friend who loves to work out and has to hear me tell her honestly my dislike for it. She still encourages me.
Thank you to the personal trainers out there.
Thank you to the people who tell me their struggles with their self-esteem and physical appearance, and allow me in their live professionally.
Thank you for the people who believe the food I contribute to this world matches my declaration of healthy soul food. A big fat thank you for waiting on me until I realized it too.
Thank you to the friend of mine who gets excited about walking for breast cancer. She just lights up when anyone asks her about it.
Thank you to the friends who walk their pets in the name of bonding and fitness for the both of them.
Thank you for the people who are cognizant of their eating habits.
Thank you for the people who try diet after diet. To one it seems like failure after failure. To me I see dedication to a finished result.
Thank you to the friend who discovered her love for running after 30;
“Only two things made me run: a furry animal or a wonderful shoe sale. And it had BETTER be good.” She now searches places TO run. 😜
Thank you to the friend who played frisbee and raced me like we were 5.
Thank you to the friends who play tennis with me.

Thank you to the women who exercise before their weddings.

Thank you to anyone who has ever stepped in a gym with me; so happy we have remained friends.

Thank you to the people who post their fitness tracking on social networks; I love reading about it and I high five the air often!
Thank you to anyone who shares nutritional and proper sanitation articles with me.
Thank you thank you thank you to martial arts instructors.
Thank you to track and field participants.
Thank you to the happy children I know who force me to play because all they really wanted to do was burn every bit of energy they’ve got.
Thank you to the nurses in my life. And in yours.
Thank you to the people who work out with the goal of impressing themselves in the mirror.
Thank you for breakfast. ❀😊

Last but not least, thank you to the friend who drove me home from a party and told me all about myself. How I wished so much I could call him a buzz-kill but my brain kept fighting it; because it’d be a lie if I said that. It was very enlightening. He said it so simply, “You just need to live life in a different way, it is possible to have fun working out; I do it all the time.” Oh funny, he’s a personal trainer who teaches boot camps and intense workouts. Ask and I will refer you. People rave about him, he’s always smiling and giving thanks for being able to live his dreams. So if he thinks THAT is fun, I will meet him halfway and jump in the name of all that inspire.

πŸ€πŸˆπŸŽ³ Dusting off My Trusty Nikes,

The Smitten Chef

Below, you will find the smoothie that helps me kick-start my exercising…who am I fooling, I love the fact there’s food involved! Bon Apetit, Food Lovers!

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