New Day, Different Recipe!!!

Ohhhh, the media today. What was once only used by a few is now accessible to many. I love technology, but I think people forget technology is what we make of it. What exactly is a “Tweet?” Since when is it the ultimate betrayal if someone doesn’t “like” something you have posted? I’m still uncertain about this hash tag usage but it makes me giggle every now and again. I am still learning how to reblog something and have it look the original way. Social networking is a place a person comes to lay down their views on the table. Good, bad, ugly, whatever. The point is you represent your page; and you only get one.  You print as many lines on your page as you’d like. Some days are a hit; others not so much. Everyday is a new page in the book of the media. Go for it!

It is the same in real life; you only get one. Make the absolute best of it, learn from the parts that weren’t so hot. Think of the sun rise as a new page in the book of life! It seems as though our culture is more caught up in painting a perfect picture to others than painting one of ourself TO ourselves.

It may not be all of us, but there’s enough of it happening. I’ve seen it all too much. I’ve tried many things myself. I am learning to take all that I have read and posted and believe it to be true! Perfect is not something one can be. It’s not even something that can be seen. The closest form of perfection is being yourself and living in the now (whatever is happening in your life RIGHT NOW.)

You cannot go backwards. You cannot jump to the future. Even when it seems either one is accomplished, living in the now is still happening. 

Not to say you can’t dream, or do better, cut down on something or build up. Maybe you could. Maybe you can’t. Perhaps you shouldn’t. But who would know better than you? When will you find out if you don’t sit and discover what you’re about right now? I have to remind myself of this daily. Sometimes more than that. It is so easy to get caught up in trying to become something and ‘live’ that we forget that what we are doing is living. You’re either living the life you want, or you’re not. Perhaps you’re smack dab in between: enjoy it! 

For example, there have been moments when people have asked me what I do for a living and I was so focused on the Future Me, that I forgot to prepare an answer as to what I can offer right now. There was a bunch of long pauses and sheer confusion. It is when moments like that happen, I think: What is the in between of Point A (where I am) and point B (where I am heading.)?

The Answer Is: Now. Don’t forget about your worries; prepare for them. Don’t just wish someone well- go and see them. The time it takes pretending could be spent crafting. When you close your eyes and breathe in a sigh of relief, let it be known it is more than okay to experience another sigh. And another. I look forward to the day when social networking will be a personal vision board to most, and not geared toward false advertisements. That dream trip that keeps you up at night? Nobody said go to sleep…they only asked you to wake up certain areas in your life and GO; whether people are following you or not. 

All Aboard, 

The Smitten Chef 

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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