Well Whatdoyaknow: A Dog Taught ME Tricks!

Hey Food Lovers!

Today I went on a lovely adventure with a friend and her dog. We tooled around town and made a pit stop at a local store. Our appointment time was estimated to be 30-45 minutes; no problem. Let’s go take the dog for a walk.

We walked. More so them than me. I sat. But I sat with the best of them! πŸ™‚ All jokes aside, I’m glad I sat. The original reason was for me to block my face from the wind repeatedly smacking my nose, but I ended up basking in the sunshine and watching my friend and her dog.

As soon as we got to the park he RAN! I’m talking, this is the fastest I’ve ever seen him go! There was grass everywhere, it was the size of a soccer or football field and NO ONE ELSE was there! He was in heaven. My friend ran with him then did a trick move and they came back to the starting point. Each time they did this, they went a further distance and came back. By the time they were finished his tail wouldn’t stop wagging and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth! I smiled and said, “I’m guessing he had a good time…”

I don’t have a chance to be around animals often, but I really enjoyed myself. I learned so much! Watching him run around being challenged to go a different distance was such an inspiring treat! He showed me numerous lessons, one being it’s okay to take a step out into the unknown. I watched him flinch and check his surroundings before going; but he still went. He taught me to surround myself with people (or even just one other person) who will guide you and encourage you to go further than where you started. He taught me how to properly mark your territory. Like Nike says, “Just Do It.”

So yes, today’s lesson was brought to you by a dog. A dog and his owner. Who would’ve thought that’s what today would bring. I’m not complaining; matter a fact I later toasted to his teachings. It was just so very nice to witness him being put to the test: and passing. Yes he was tired, sure there was an unknown, but hey- we still gotta get there. All done with a smile. I’m certain I can use this information for life’s recipes need tweaking.

Excited to Visit a Pet Store Every Now and Again,

The Smitten Chef

*** Ohhhh, yes. I almost forgot! The drink of choice used to toast this moment was a mix of Raspberry Vodka and a sparkling lemon beverage. Makes for a carbonated Raspberry Lemonade. Measurements are at your discretion; I like more sparkle than vodka. πŸ™‚ ***


5 thoughts on “Well Whatdoyaknow: A Dog Taught ME Tricks!

  1. I too, went to the park, and challenged myself to run my usual run but in a shorter time… πŸ™‚
    God taught us to look at the animals because they are examples for mankind πŸ™‚

  2. LOL I love how you take the smallest things and use them for inspiration. Thank you. BTW I have a dog you can have πŸ˜‰

  3. Every time I read this…I smile and remember πŸ™‚ I learn something new almost EVERY day from him! Animals are So much smarter than we could even imagine. Just because we don’t speak their physical language…doesn’t mean they aren’t speaking πŸ˜‰

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