With the Click of a Button…

Oh my gosh, it has been far too long friends! There was a problem in my posting skills, so the previous posts will be updated accordingly…sorry about that!

I hope that ones belly has been treated fairly & that you have found ways to seek joy even in the midst of sorrow, confusion or new changes.

These kitchen lessons have been far, far too fun to document every second. Just some highlighted portions. You, know how you color code the section of choice? The most colorful portion of these past few weeks has been my bond with technology. It’s been orange, it’s been blue; I’ve seen red but then brought it back down to a soothing yellow. My thing is technology is supposed to help us. It’s not supposed to hinder. I also know that patience is a virtue and these weeks have really suggested that I reevaluate where I stand on this virtuous totem pole.

Well look no further, I found the link between the madness. While I appreciate technology, I have become far too dependent on it. Whatever happened to memorizing telephone numbers and only needing one passcode?! (The code to your locker.) I am going back to my ways of writing on pad and paper only…or learn to properly sync my documents, argh. It is also time I quit complaining and use the features, the apps, tutorials and books to figure out how to present food in positive ways! So instead of me being super bummed that with the click of a button all my files were completely deleted, I have been happily reminded that a few more clicks and I’ll be right back where I need to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

I Present You with One of the Lessons Learned Below,

The Smitten Chef ๐Ÿ™‚

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