Go with the Flow

As the sun sets and casts a gorgeous shadow across the trees, I have placed an apple pie in the oven to assist with this writer’s block. The plan is to have the aroma trigger some magnificent idea, bringing about a complete sentence or six and aiding in me being able to clearly express my thoughts. If that doesn’t happen, at least there is pie.

Have you ever had a day where everything starts out according to plan, then it turns around and you find that the day has plans for you? I have; it was today. My mind was so scattered, covered and chunked all I could do was sit in the middle of the kitchen floor. I wasn’t frustrated more so overwhelmed and without direction. I ended up tossing out my To Do List; no sense in getting upset over a day I clearly wasn’t meant to have any type of control over anyway.

I concluded I would just go with the flow of today and what a good decision that has turned out to be! I ended up getting numerous tasks done, engaged in several necessary conversations and finished dinner by 4:30 p.m.! The water went out in our area moments before my normal dinner time setup, meaning if I had followed MY plans I wouldn’t have even been able to wash my hands to begin cooking let alone enjoy the prepared meal. I’m not going to lie, nothing I did was really “fun,” but it felt good to understand it was all necessary. As I take a step back I am reminded that today’s accomplishments were from past to do lists! I guess life had to sit me down so that when I stood up I’d be focused and back on track. No forward movement until I cleaned up what I left behind. Okay, okay life I get it: I will remain organized but will also allow room for you to flow, not just me. You win, ha ha.

Forty-five minutes later, one UNblocked writer and a finished apple pie: the toasted nutmeg scent breezing past is notifying me that the fun starts RIGHT NOW. Well worth the wait.

The Smitten Chef

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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