Food Lovers: Can We Unite?

Greetings Good People! It seems as though life has allowed me this beautiful chance to share with as many who will listen to me & my love of food. I love everything that goes into account about it: taste, textures, origins, fancy table settings, techniques and the way people react to a meal. Even as I eat this apple, I am reminded to take a step back and look at what it took to grow up and arrive at being an apple. ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING. We get the best of the apple as we can, no matter what it took to get there. My life in a nutshell: I am a chef and a writer. I also love people and am very passionate about watching/helping people follow their dreams. When I’m not doing one, I am doing the other.(I’m probably one level away from a shrill when all 3 happen at once!) Normally I write about the lessons I’ve learned from life in general, but with great friends & family I have been encouraged to write about the foods and lessons I’ve learned through cooking. I’m fortunate to have become best friends with the kitchen and it is there that I’ve learned some secrets. Food ignites my soul. People keep the flame going. I remember being a child and escaping into the kitchen; I would open a cabinet and ask the pot I was about to use, “What do you want to teach me today?” It didn’t occur to me until I was an adult that the pots have been listening & giving me answers!! Please join me as we delight in recipes, short stories, events and educational fronts food brings to the table. I welcome comments/feedback that will help to better this journey and the people involved in it (you.) Ready, set, LET US DINE! Ohhhh Nom Nom, The Smitten Chef

πŸ’˜ Ahhhhh, memories. πŸ’˜

πŸ’˜ Ahhhhh, memories. πŸ’˜

13 thoughts on “Food Lovers: Can We Unite?

  1. Finally finally finally I can comment on a blog, after all this time. I am so excited to go through all that you have posted. I have read many of these but was never able to comment. Oh get ready for comment notifications over the next few days while I play catch up πŸ™‚

Fancy meeting you here!!! I welcome your thoughts below. Food Lovers Unite.

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